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Manufactured in the United kingdom
BumperStops are Europe's leading brand of non-slip protective bumpers & polyurethane protective tapes.

We have a huge range of pressure sensitive BumperStops with over 35 standard shapes in a variety of different colours to suite most applications. Our versatile BumperFlex tapes come in a wide range of standard thicknesses from 0.5mm thick to 1.6mm in a range of standard colours. Our products meet exacting technical specifications with application performance being a priority.

Our products are being used in over 40 countries and have now become universally recognised as the premium range of its type anywhere in the world.

Generically known as:

BumperStops are more generically known as; Bumpons, Bump ons, Bumperfeet, Rubber Feet, Adhesive backed bumpers, Spacers, Door Buffers, Door Stops, Cabinet feet, Polyurethane bumpers, glass spacers, Computer feet.


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