Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to buy?

  • Can we buy BumperStops in retail stores, if not where can I buy small quantities in the UK?

    As BumperStops are an industrial product, very few retail stores stock them. Should you require them in single sheets or small packs, the following online resellers should be able to help:

  • What quantity do I need to buy to purchase direct from you?
    We will supply a minimum of 1 box of any part in a single colour.

  • If I place an order, how long will it take to arrive?
    When ordering you will be informed if the part is in stock and when you can expect the goods.

  • If I order, can I pay by credit card?
    We do not accept credit card payments. If you need to pay by card, one of the above online resellers should be able to assist you. If buying directly from us, payment methods accepted are cheque, bank transfer, credit account (subject to status).

General Technical

  • Where can I find a technical data sheet?
    On the website under the tab “Technical data sheet” choose Standard BumperStops Supersoft BumpeStops or BumperFlex

  • Are your products Rosh & Wee compliant?
    All our products are RoHs and Wee compliant. See our technical data sheets for official statement.

  • Can I have a different quantity on a sheet, a different colour or a customised shape to the standards shown?
    A different quantity on a sheet is not a problem and can usually be achieved with a small minimum order. Special colours and customised shapes are also possible but the minimum orders will be larger as this requires a separate production run. Please telephone or email our sales department for precise information.

  • Who can die cut BumperFlex tape into a discs/squares/strips/washer etc?
    Depending on the shape and the quantity you require, it might be possible for us to provide this service. In some cases it may be necessary to put you in touch with a specialist converter in your country. Please telephone or email our sales department for further information.