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Manufactured in the United Kingdom
BumperStops are Europe's leading brand of non-slip protective bumpers & polyurethane protective tapes.

We have a huge range of pressure sensitive BumperStops with over 35 standard shapes in a variety of different colours to suit most applications. Our versatile BumperFlex tapes come in a wide range of standard thicknesses from 0.5mm thick to 1.6mm in a range of standard colours. Our products meet exacting technical specifications with application performance being a priority.

Our products are being used in over 40 countries and have now become universally recognised as the premium range of its type anywhere in the world.

BumperStop™ Protectors and BumperFlex™ Tape are an alternative to the 3M™ Bumpon™ range of products.

Other terms with which these products are referred to as are Bumperfeet, Rubber Feet, Adhesive backed bumpers, Spacers, Washers, Gaskets, Door Buffers, Door Stops, Cabinet feet, Polyurethane bumpers, glass spacers, Computer feet.


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